Women’s Only Lift Class

WO Lift was created to bring strong women together in the weight room.
Each class is designed to build confidence through strength training and empower women to discover how capable they truly are.

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Why I created WO Lift.

There is something pretty special about throwing some weight around.

A barbell doesn’t call you “fat”. A dumbbell doesn’t tell you to “be skinnier”.
There is no counting seconds on a treadmill. Or watching calories tick by on a spin bike.

It’s just you & the weight, daring you to be the very best, badass version of yourself.

Learning to lift has truly changed my body, my mind and my self-confidence. I wanted to create a safe space that allows other women to discover their inner power too.

What Does a WO Lift Class Look Like?

A 60 minute class includes a warm up, activations & mobility, technique coaching & lifting education, full strength & conditioning workout, & a cool down stretch. No experience necessary - all levels welcome!

Also Includes:

  • Barbell lifts, body weight exercises, kettle bell movements and accessory lifts.

  • Proper progression of exercises - to build your confidence with the movement.

  • Optional modifications.

  • Hands-on coaching as needed.

In this women’s only environment we value:

  • Support and encouragement for everyone in the room.

  • Understanding and patience, no matter what level of fitness.

  • A sense of Community.

  • Strength, both mentally and physically.

  • and Courage to try something new.

Coach’s Qualifications


Lexie Sparrow

Bachelor Kinesiology
Certified Athletic Therapist
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Over 4 years experience personal training


Class Schedule

When: Tuesday’s at 7pm 6 Weeks: November 13th - December 18th

Where: Movement Fitness and Performance - Unit 3 1111 Winnipeg Avenue, WPG, MB

Who: Women & Teen Girls (Ages 16+) (under 18 with parental permission)
All fitness levels welcome!!