My Beautycounter Story 

When I was deeply struggling with my adult cystic acne I searched everywhere for information on how to heal my skin. The more I learnt about the beauty industry and the true cause of acne (inflammation, hormone imbalance and gut health), the more I began to see that what we put on our skin ends up in our body.

What we put on our skin matters.

It should matter to you what is in your skin care products, what is used to create your make-up and what ingredients go into your kids products too!

I was on a mission to find products that no only passed the “safer skin care” test, but ALSO preformed well too (because let’s be honest, I still wanted to wear make up that looked great and use skin care that did the job).

Enter Beautycounter.

Why I work for Beautycounter

Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products in the hands of everyone. We do this by creating and distributing safer, high-performing products, educating the public about how to avoid harmful ingredients and urging the government to pass lays to better regulate the beauty industry.

Beautycounter products are made from safer ingredients, without compromising performance or safety. The products and ingredients are not tested on animals and they are continually focused on product innovation and their Ingredient Selection Progress.

I work with Beautycounter because I support their mission, trust their products and feel great recommending them to others. Beautycounter makes it simple to choose quality, safer products all in one convenience place.


Here are some F.A.Q’s

  1. Are the products tested on animals and are they vegan?

    No. Not all products are vegan but the ingredients are listed on the website. No, they are not tested on animals.

  2. Where are the products manufactured?

    They are manufactured across the USA, except for the brushes which are manufactured in China.

  3. Do I have to place my order through YOU?

    No, not if you don’t want to. I can place your order for you and have it shipped right to your house OR you can simply shop HERE under me as your consultant and order on your own.

  4. I’m not sure which products to start with, what do you suggest?

    I love to start by switching out SKIN CARE that you use daily and the most loved items in your make up bag. A great way to do this is to try out a Beautycounter Collection/Skin Care Regimen and start with the Flawless in 5 make up.

  5. Does Beautycounter ever go on sale?

    Yes! A couple times of year there are big sales, as well as promotions. You can also sign up to became a Band of Beauty Member, which rewards your safer skin care shopping with rewards! Learn more here.

  6. Why do some products not rate well on the Think Dirty app?
    CLICK HERE to read why.

or learn more about some of my favourite products HERE.