Work With Me 1 on 1

I work with people who live in Winnipeg, in the USA, and half way around the world!
Thanks to video conferencing technology,
we can chat from anywhere and in any time zone!


We’re so fortunate to live at a time where we can connect with one another through the power of the internet and these amazing devices (like smart phones and lap tops).

By working with me online you can book a session that fits into your day seamlessly Zoom conferencing, it’s like were in the same room! It also allows me to offer 1 on 1 services at a much more affordable rate, which makes it possible to provide access to proper nutrition services to more people.

All you need is a cell phone or computer access!



Using Zoom, a video conferencing app, I connect with my clients all over the world.

With audio, or audio and video, it’s just like we’re in the room together!

You can download the Zoom app for free and use on your laptop, tablet, smart phone and other devices.


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