Acne & Skin Healing


if you have tried EVERYTHING to heal your skin, but still struggle with adult acne…

if you believe there is a deeper, root cause to your recurring breakouts and skin issues…

if you know deep down that the next magic pill or cream or another expensive trip to the dermatologist isn’t going to fix your acne for good…

if you’re ready to finally live boldly and build that career of your dreams, hit up cocktail hour confidently with your friends, quit spending on specialty skin care products & stop feeling like a slave to your acne…

you’re in the right place.


My Acne Story

Remember how much acne affected you as a teenager?

Standing in the mirror looking at pimples popping up all over your face, or if you were really unlucky on your chest & back too!

You used thick make up to cover them up. Dried them out with serious pimple cream at night. Scrubbed your face with chemicals any chance you got just HOPING to kill the suckers for good.

We all went through it. It sucked. But we lived. We moved on. We grew up.


Hi, I'm Lexie. And I had more than a few years of struggling with hormonal acne (try over 7).

I have struggled with my skin for as long as I can remember. “Sensitive” is what they call it. “Acne prone” doctors would say.

My acne battle began in my teens, where I ended up on Accutane, topical creams and drying the heck out of my face for years. With the help of hormonal birth control my acne became “under control”, but my skin was anything from perfect. I was convinced by my doctor that the only way to have clear skin was to stay on birth control to “balance my hormones”.

In my late 20’s as I was living more holistically in every other aspect of my life (reducing the amount of plastic I use, eating healthy, working out regularly, reducing the impact of stress), I decided that it was time to remove hormonal contraception from my life.

Welp, my skin erupted. Quite-Literally-Exploded.

Suddenly, I had painful, deep cysts all over my face and neck. My face was so red and inflamed. I was embarrassed to leave the house at all, let alone go out and socialize or heck even go to the gym, for fear someone I knew would see me.

It was painful. like literally, my face hurt. I randomly burst into tears looking at my face in the mirror almost every night.

Even when the pimples finally left, they left massive red scarred marks in the form of hyper-pigmentation that lasted month after month, or until new ones showed up right beside them.

My confident, outgoing, self completely disappeared and I became totally fixated on my face.

Even my partner in crime noticed how much my skin was changing me. After battling with cystic, adult acne for over a year…
He noticed how emotional I was over dumb things that I would never bat an eye at before.
He noticed how my self-confidence was just shot and noted how much I just completely beat myself up over anything and everything related to my body.
He noticed the amount of times per day I tried desperately to re-cover up my face with make up, or touched my face to feel if new pimples were forming.
He noticed how scared I was of anyone seeing me without a full face of make-up (which was so unlike me).

I went back to the doctor to see what I could do. She gave me the exact same story I had heard alllll through my teens: “you need to be on birth control to clear your skin and regulate your hormones”. She tried to push the pill on me. She told me it was the only way I’d get clear skin again.

The dermatologist I went to see told me the same story as the other doctor. Except she added antibiotics and other extreme acne medicated lotions to the list. The same types of things I took in my teens that worked for a while and then ended up being a waste of time and money.

I knew that there had to be something happening within me that was contributing to my acne.Everyday that I woke up I looked in the mirror and hoped I could use make up to cover up my skin. Every night I went to bed, I wondered if there's something different I could do to heal my acne for good. I knew deep down there had to be another way

I swore if I EVER healed my skin,
I would share it with those who are struggling like I was.

It was because of my acne & other hormonal symptoms that I made a huge career decision: to study holistic nutrition. I went back to school and certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2018.

At first I just wanted to learn the true root cause of my acne and how I could FINALLY heal it naturally.

But as I learnt more and more and started to see results, I KNEW I had to share this with you too.

My acne story is the entire reason I do what I do now and help clients like YOU (& the old me) heal their skin every single day.

This was my skin when I was brave enough to take a photo. Not anywhere near the worst of my journey.

This was my skin when I was brave enough to take a photo. Not anywhere near the worst of my journey.

a few “good days”

a few “good days”



Acne is not just a “thing” we deal with as teenagers.

Adult acne causes depression, a lack of self-confidence, emotional strain, it costs money, it affects your mood, causes physical scarring and hyper-pigmentation, and it’s an ongoing battle.


it sucks to not want to have your picture taken, or to go out on the weekend for fear someone will see you, or to where make up to the gym because you're embarrassed, or to cancel plans because you had a break out, or to cry in the shower because you wish you just had one day with clear skin.


you've tried everything under the sun. you've scrubbed, you've used natural products, you've bought expensive products over the internet that someone swore changed their life, you've changed your diet (more than once), you've bought a special pillow, you hid away for months, you literally tried EVERYTHING to heal your skin.


I WAS you.

I healed my cystic, painful acne by:

  • learning the true root cause of my acne (it’s not just hormones)

  • learning how my body became “unbalanced” in the first place

  • understanding the diet & nutrients needed to heal & create beautiful skin

  • switching to specific non-toxic, acne healing products

  • changing certain lifestyle habits & switching up old routines to better my skin health

  • being patient & seeking out professional information from acne experts

And now it would be my absolute honour and privilege to help you heal your acne too!!