Here are the most frequently asked questions I receive:

Is Nutritional Therapy covered by my insurance?

No, unfortunately not. It may be covered if you have a health spending account though
(be sure to check with your provider). I do not offer direct billing.

Can I just do the supplement testing session?

The Functional Body Evaluation and Supplement Testing I perform as valuable parts of the process of Nutritional Therapy. But, they only work as part of that process. In order for me to chose the best supplements for your body, I must get to know your body. I do this through the Initial Consult asking you very specific questions about your health history.
Learn more about supplement testing here.

I have (PCOS, endometriosis, IBD, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, etc). Do you treat my condition?

I do not treat (nor diagnose) conditions. However, I can provide care to people who have been diagnosed with any condition, because nutrition and the foundations of health are fundamental. I support your body’s nutritional needs through real foods and high quality supplementation. This processes helps the body begin to care for itself and heal. If you are currently on medication, it is important to let me know and we may need to consult your doctor.

Some symptoms I help with specifically are: 

  • Fatigue, headaches, slow starter in the am, brain fog, #naplife

  • Eliminating food cravings (like sugar & caffeine or salt), excessive appetite, feeling shaky & irritable before meals, hangry mood swings

  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, feeling wired and jittery, trouble calming down, anxiety

  • Women's health and hormones (including menstrual health, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, etc.)

  • Weight loss resistance

  • Acne & skin conditions

  • Creating a healthier relationship with food

What does the process look like?

Before our first appointment you have will have some online paper work to fill out. This allows me to take a deep dive into your health history and discover what may be the root cause of your health concerns. You will receive an Initial Interview Form, a Food and Mood Journal for you to record what you eat and how you feel for a minimum of 3 days, and a Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire to be completed online.

During the Initial Consult, we will go over your forms and get to the root cause of your concerns. We will work through a game plan and strategy for you to be successful by creating long and short-term goals. After the first consult you will receive a detailed protocol that outlines your completely customized plan which will include nutrition, lifestyle, supplement (if applicable) needs as well as other resources to help you on your journey.

Follow up sessions will be similar. Follow ups allow us to keep digging deeper, check in on what is working and what has been a struggle, add resources and tools, and continue to gather more information about your health.

Nutritional Therapy is a process and we do not get the whole picture in one day (just like you can’t change your body after 1 week of eating healthy). We work together on one body system at a time to build a solid and sustainable foundation. We address any other symptoms or concerns that may come up along the way together as a team. You can expect to work diligently on your journey for at least 6 months. This is not a quick fix and will have you adjusting your lifestyle and nutrition while working consistently on your goals, but the reward is worth it.

How are the supplements you recommend different from what I can buy at the store?

There is a huge difference in quality between the supplements I recommend and those you find at the store. Most supplements you buy from the drug store can be mostly synthetic. This is because it is much more cost effective for a company to use synthetic (man-made) ingredients and therefore they can mass produce them and make more money. The problem is our body does not recognize these synthetic ingredients and our bodies cannot use these supplements. In fact, your body doesn’t know what they are or what to do with them, placing a bigger toxic burden on you and creating more work for your body. Also, many cheaper supplements contain inflammatory fillers and allergens including corn, soy and wheat.

The quality of supplements I use are made from whole foods. These whole food supplements are a complex that includes plant and food extracts, which is something your body actually recognizes. It allows the nutrients to be absorbed in their real state (which is always best) with their natural cofactors (those other nutrients that are needed for your body to use the supplement). This is why I only recommend certain brands of supplements. What you put in your body has a massive impact on your ability to improve your health or create more toxicity.

Will I need supplements?

I always make recommendations based on food first. However, due to the quality of our food and the relationship we have with toxins on a daily basis, supplements can offer a solution to nutrient deficiencies. Often our bodies cannot digest, absorb or assimilate many of the nutrients we get in our food to begin with when we have organ system weaknesses (such as digestive issues). The supplements I recommend are based on an educated decisions and to support the changes you are making to your nutrition and your lifestyle.

How long does it take?

As I said earlier, it is recommended to spend at least 6 months on intensive healing. This means a minimum of 3 months of working closely with me through follow ups. Many of my clients start to feel better just a few weeks into their protocols. However, to create lasting changes we must peel back the layers of what lead you to develop these health issues in the first place. This means not only changing your nutrition and lifestyle, but supporting each body system one step at a time to function optimally. Again, this doesn’t happen overnight.

How do you track my progress?

This is a journey and along the way we will use our follow ups to check in and evaluate your progress. Using your symptoms as a guide, we can track how you are feeling and how your body is responding to healing.

How often should I book follow ups?

I recommend booking follow ups every 2-3 weeks. This allows you some time to start implementing the action plan, but keeps you accountable and lets me continue to provide you with valuable resources. The end goal is to get you to a maintenance level where we follow up everyone coupe of months.

How much does it cost?

Nutritional Therapy is an investment in your health and your quality of life. We are so quick to spend money on hair colouring, cars, clothing, electronics, and more, but yet we have trouble investing in the one thing that really matters - our health.

Every person is different and every healing journey will require something different. Although it may seem like a bigger investment at the beginning, the further you make it along your healing journey and the more work you do to heal, the less expensive it will become.

You are rebuilding your body from the inside out. You are addressing your health concerns from a cellular level. I do not put band-aids on, or mask symptoms. I find the root cause, and help your body correct the imbalance, resulting in a well functioning body. Health is the ultimate wealth. Enjoying a happy, healthy, active life, and having the ability do what brings you joy in life is priceless.

How do I know if I'm ready?

How and what we eat is very personal- not just in the sense that it's unique to each person, but we also feel a sense of attachment and belonging to our diet! Eating habits are difficult to change, especially when it’s taken us years and years to develop ‘bad’ habits! I can promise you that making dietary changes can and will improve your health and overall quality of life. However, time, energy, passion, patience, and a good deal of self-awareness and self-love will be needed! I'll do my best to help you out with all of that... but there are a few questions you can ask yourself to assess whether it's the right time for you to dive right in with me and make some positive changes!

-Is what I am currently doing for my health and wellness working for me right now?
-Is my current diet and lifestyle helping me be the best version of me possible?
-Do I have a burning desire to make whatever changes are necessary to resolve my current challenges and reach my goals?
-Am I willing to invest time, energy, and money in myself and my health in order to make those changes?
-Am I willing to make a long-term commitment to educate myself and implement changes in order to turn my life around?
-Do I believe in myself, my knowledge, and my capabilities enough to realize that I am in control of my health and can change my life?

Remember: real change and lasting results take time. As we work together, we will monitor your progress, make changes as your body adjusts to your plan, and assess your goals step by step. My goal is to help you achieve your most energized health and be the best version of you possible, and I am here to do that however you need!

Adapted from Autumn Smith, NTP Premier Vitality
and Kim Perez, NTP Roots and Branch Nutrition