The #1 Reason Your Acne Keeps Coming Back


Let me guess, you've heard this from your doctor:

"Acne - yup, we can start you on antibiotics." - said in the this cures all voice. 

But antibiotics are really only a bandaid approach, even if it did help your break outs. In fact, they can be doing way more damage than good. 

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Ok, now that we got the antibiotics talk out of the way... let's jump into it….

Why Your Acne Keeps Coming Back


Did you know that gut health is directly linked to the health of your immune system and your ability to combat inflammation in the body? Yeah! That's why if you're not addressing what's happening in your gut while trying to heal your skin, your acne will almost always return.

Two Common Gut Health Issues:

Leaky Gut:
also known as increased intestinal permeability, is a digestive condition in which bacteria, toxins & undigested foods are able to "leak" through the intestinal wall, causing an immune reaction. 

an interruption in the balance of microbial/microbiota (aka an imbalance of healthy vs harmful gut bacteria).

Bloating after meals, excessive fullness, gas, diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramps, food allergies or sensitivities, poor immune function...
these are just a few of the signs you need to work on your gut!

Another huge cause of leaky gut & dysbiosis is long-term use of antibiotics & other medications, like those that are typically prescribed for acne (ohhhh that's why I brought up antibiotics today!)


I wish that I just had one supplement or one solution for healing your gut. But the truth is, gut healing is a process and it doesn’t happen over night (kinda like healing acne!!).

It’s a lot easier when you have a plan thought because then you know where you’re at and you can track your progress! So if you’re serious about healing your gut, I highly suggest working with a practitioner.



this is so important, let's say it together... STRESS!

Hormones are not just related to your menstrual cycle. In fact, some of the most powerful hormones in your body are those tied to your stress & blood sugar control systems!

Your adrenal glands release cortisol when you experience stress. Unfortunately, our cortisol levels can easily be too high when we are constantly in a sympathetic state, running ourselves into the ground, take on too many tasks, working out hard without enough recovery, not sleep well and more.

Two other important hormones to consider are in control of your blood sugar: insulin (helps bring our blood sugar down after a meal) and glucagon (helps raise our blood sugar between meals). This natural process should work in balance to keep our energy stable.  

However, we run in to a common issue when we experience spikes and drops in blood sugar over and over due to a diet of refined carbohydrates, sugar or when we just plain don’t eat enough or wait too long to eat (cue the stressed out so I'll skip lunch routine, am I right?) 

Our adrenals are back up to the pancreas in relation to blood sugar control. This means a stressed out pancreas will ask for help from the adrenals and cortisol to help control our energy sources, making the big picture even worse. 

What does this all have to do with skin?
More stress = more inflammation, more leaky gut symptoms, more liver burden & you guessed it - more acne. 


STRESS is the #1 reason I get pimples today (yup, I'm human too). If I have been stressing my body out in one way or another - lack of sleep, too much sugar, too much caffeine, too much or too little exercise, being sick, delaying meals, etc - I quite often get a nice little reminder that shows up on my chin. 

I have an entire blog post you can read right here on ways your body gets stressed out by food btw! 

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Have you really worked on these components of your acne healing?
Do you need more support?


Lexie Sparrow