Simple Self Care Ideas for Busy, Active Women


The idea of self care is amazing. Spending time focusing on yourself and what your body needs.

But let’s face it if you’re like me, everyone and everything else comes BEFORE you. Not the best way to de-stress if you know what I mean (man and I don’t even have kids, yikes!).

Over the years I have developed a few ways to get my much needed self care accomplished in a way that actually works for a Type A, active, busy-body. It obviously comes down to prioritizing and scheduling (so get ready to break out your google calendar or your coil note book).

Simple Self Care Ideas for Busy, Active, Go-Getters

1. Set Screen Time Restrictions

Yup. I consider this some serious self care.

Why? Because how many times a day do you pick up your phone and all of a sudden you’re scrolling Instagram, reading random comments in random groups on Facebook or pinning your home make over on Pinterest.

It happens to the best of us. We’re pretty much programmed at this point. So a simple hack to taking social media and your apps in general out of the equation is to schedule screen time limits on your phone. If you have an iPhone, simply for to settings - screen time - and set up downtime and app limits.

It’s also kind of shocking to see how many hours per week you waste on emails, social media and other apps on your phone.

But simply pre-setting these restrictions to turn off your app access at a certain time, you can easily put the phone down quicker and choose something more nourishing.

For example - all my work emails and my social media apps go “off” at 7:30pm. When I mindlessly pick up my phone, it’s a huge reminder that nope - this is me time.

Sure. I might be doing something else mindless like watching Big Brother or Survivor, but a lot of times I get my butt outside for a walk or hit up a good read instead of scrolling.

2. Book Time In Your Schedule for YOU

A vacation? Wouldn’t that be nice!

But that’s not exactly what I’m talking about here…

Just by opening up your calendar and booking an hour or two a week JUST FOR YOU it can really help you prioritize some self care. Maybe you use to to catch up with a friend or maybe you use it to sit on your deck in a hammock, whatever screams REFUEL to you. But just by holding that space for self - no clients, no job projects - no emails - no other commitments, you can decide on how best you need to use that space for YOU.

I’ll often book a morning off during the month and leave it blank. Maybe I’ll hit up the gym early, clean the house and binge watch HBO. Or maybe I’ll turn the alarm off and just sleep in.

3. Automate Tasks

As a business owner, there is no sweeter sound then “you can automate that”.

Now no matter what you do for a living, there are definitely ways you can make your life easier through automation.

Here are a few ideas:

  • auto-debt bills

  • auto-track expenses

  • auto-reply after 7pm when you’re emails off

  • create a standard weekly grocery list on your phone and just tweak it as needed

  • order your groceries online and pick them up (or better yet have them delivered)

  • get a robot that vacuums your floors when you’re not home

  • use google assistant during work hours to screen your calls

If you ARE a business owner, you have GOT to get your systems in place to save you tons of time.

Automation essentially leaves you more time to focus on YOU. Which is what self care is all about right?

4. Create a Sleep Routine

We know how important getting more quality sleep is. It’s the only way to help us recover and restore and lose weight, feel energized and avoid burn out.

But it’s usually the first thing to go when we’re busy and not taking time for ourselves.

Starting a sleep routine can really help you shift into better sleep. I recommend starting with a few simple hacks to get better sleep and then diving deeper into your personalized routine (and sticking to it!) once you master these.

  • go to bed by 10pm

  • power down blue light electronics 1 hour before bed

  • use up extra “energy” through movement instead of extra brain work

  • try reishi, camomile or lavender teas before bed

  • use essential oils in the room

  • 2 words - blackout curtains

  • adjust the temperature of the room - need extra blankets, what about a fan

  • use a white noise machine or app

  • avoid caffeine and stimulants in the afternoon and evening

5. Focus on Your Personal Nutrition Needs

Fuelling your body with what it needs to feel energized and run efficiently is the ULTIMATE self care.

I mean it should just be a thing we all do, but we know that often times when we’re stressed out and busy skipping meals, or just grabbing what’s available is what ends up happening.

So instead - create a plan that works for YOU. You may have to do some experimenting here, but finding what foods work for you and what foods don’t is a huge act of self care.

I recommend starting with Paleo or at least a very similar version of it. Why? Because it follows all my basic nutrition foundations like - eat real food. If anything, just start to ditch the sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and crap food more often then not.

For more tips: check out my other blog posts here on 5 Foods For More Energy and 3 Inexpensive Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally

SO what do you think? Can you handle the challenge of taking some more time for you?

You know your body will thank you.


Lexie Sparrow