#7: Part 1 - Adrenal Fatigue / HPA Axis Dysregulation


#7: Part 1 - Adrenal Fatigue / HPA Axis Dysregulation

by Lexie Sparrow on the Eat Well & Live Full Podcast

Today's episode is PART 1 of my chat on HPA axis dysfunction (commonly thought of as adrenal fatigue). We're breaking down what it feels like when your body can't keep up with your chronic stress, why this occurs and other reasons why your body is stressed out (that you may not even think of!).

Tired of feeling.. tired?
Feeling run down and can’t seem to get enough sleep to start feeling more like yourself?
Craving sugar, or salty foods?
Keep using caffeine to get you through the day?

What about that cold you can’t get over? Or the fact that every time you make it back to the gym you feel so slow and run down?

I put the pieces together for you in this weeks episode.

Listen for Part 2 next week!


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