3 INEXPENSIVE Ways Boost Your Energy Naturally




I know you know how bad sugar is. I mean it’s no secret that it causes havoc in our bodies in many, many ways. We know that it just sky rockets our blood sugar when we consume it, which makes us over-compensate with tons of insulin (your energy/glucose transporting hormone). This ultimately causes us to crash. HARD. after consuming it in high amounts. But even small amounts can still mess with our blood sugar and therefore place serious stress on our liver and pancreas (two organs you WANT on your side when it comes to lasting energy and balanced hormones).

You’ve probably given up the white stuff. White sugar that is.

You’ve probably also ditched the brown sugar, high fructose corn syrups, other syrup concoctions & fruit juice concentrates.

But what about all the hidden chemical/fake sugars? They are found in SO many seemingly healthy things like: low calorie/diet products, yogurts, protein bars, energy snacks, your Starbucks skinny latte, even your “healthy” salad dressing!

The truth is low calorie sweeteners and fake sugars like: maltose, dextrose, sweet n low, sugar in the raw, and sucralose actually have a major impact on our body too. For that matter, so do “healthy” sugars like: coconut sugar, palm sugar, agave, monk fruit (which is often combined with other sugars), and date sugar.

Sugar in any form = robs our body of B vitamins (our energizers) and important minerals (that help boost our stress system).

Sugar = super inflammatory, which means it makes our immune system fight harder, our acne worse, and our joints feel achy and sore.

Sugar = no nutritional value, which means were wasting time digesting and absorbing something that isn’t going to help us have stable fuel or energy. Low calorie sweeteners are actually even worse because they literally provide us no value and yet we need to use our resources to process them.

So do yourself a favour and break up with sugar for GOOD.

Confused on the different names for sugar (theres over 40 of them and the food market comes up with new ways to hide it in our food all the time)? Not sure WHAT to have if you are needing some sweetness for a special occasion?



Yup, of course this is on the top 3 list!

I know I’m beating a dead horse by saying “drink more water”, but honestly it’s SO TRUE.

I can’t say it enough. This is the MOST EFFECTIVE, MOST SIMPLE way to improve your health drastically. And it can literally cost you next to nothing.

The key here is the quality of the water.

A) Invest in a good filtration system (do your research and go with what works for you, there are lots out there at all different costs). Our tap water contains all kinds of chemicals that were added to make it “safe” to drink. This is great for reducing the chance that we will pick up a virus, bacteria or parasite in our tap water, but not so great for the fact that chlorine and other water chemicals still are not good for our bodies. In fact, in the processing of tap water we also lose out on natural minerals that help up absorb and use the water (think electrolytes). You can do your research on your city or town’s water supply. If you have access to a natural well or spring, that could be great depending on the water quality.

B) Ditch the plastic water bottles, even if it’s BPA free. We find out more and more about the ability of alllllll types of plastics to leach into our foods and beverages.

C) Boost your water with natural electrolytes. Like I mentioned above, it’s really not enough to just drink pure water. We need minerals to transport and use the water efficiently in our bodies. So you may be drinking enough water and not taking in enough electrolytes (this is a super common issues I see on the daily in my nutrition practice with my clients). An easy way to boost natural minerals in your water for cheap is to add Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to your water.

D) Hit your daily amount of pure water - this does not include herbal teas or juices. I’m talking about pure, quality water. To find your daily recommended amount: take your body weight in pounds and divide by 2. That’s the # of fluid ounces you’re aiming for (if you drink caffeinated or diuretic beverages you need to add more).


The true key to improving your energy quickly is to reduce stress. Plain and simple.

But believe me when I say I have been learning how to do this over and over again the hard way! haha
Cuz it really isn’t simple when you have bills to pay, people depending on you, mouths to feed, projects due, and a to do list a mile long.

Instead of focusing on getting rid of stress (because we know that’s just not realistic for most of us), we can focus on how we manage it.

Here are some really inexpensive ways you have help reduce the impact of stress and therefore boost your energy naturally!

A) Move Daily. This can be as simple as just getting your butt off the couch and going for a 20 minute walk in the sun (and in nature is even better). Yoga, pilates, workout, spin class, biking, swimming, whatever you love to do to stay active. This DOESN’T mean to crush yourself in the gym daily because that is not going to help (and if this is you I highly suggest you go read this blog post here).

B) Practice taking deep breaths. There are some great breathing techniques out there like: 4-7-8, tapping with breath, Sama Vritti, Alternate Nostril Breathing, and course meditative breathing styles too.

But here’s the basic premise: most of us spend the major of our lives breathing up in our chest. Short, shallow breaths. Not only is this inefficient, but it also continually signals to our bodies that we are “starved for air” or that we’re stressed and just doing what we can. By taking the time to really tap into belly breathing, you are literally filling yourself up with life (or hot air - I feel a dad joke here?).

C) Say NO more often. Literally it won’t cost you (unless you’re saying no to your boss over and over, so to be clear that’s not exactly what I’m recommending). Feeling stressed and tired and overwhelmed? Cancel your dinner plans, reschedule that HIIT class, do something that seems fun and relaxing to you in that moment. It takes practice, trust me. But learning to say NO more often can really reserve your energy for things that MATTER.

If you want to learn more about how you can de-stress your body and hack your nutrition to help, I have entire blog post on this topic called 5 Ways to Decrease Stress Holistically.

Here’s the deal, if you are constantly feeling like you’re fighting your way through the day and don’t have enough energy left over to enjoy your life and do the things you wanna do… it’s time to buck up and make some changes. By following these 3 inexpensive ways to boost your energy naturally, you’ll be off to a fantastic start.

If energy is really something you have been struggling with for a long while, I highly recommend you check out my Adrenal Fatigue post here for more tips, tricks and of course nutrition education.

Are these tips realistic? Can you do these with me?! Let me know!