#9: 5 Simple Self Care Tips for Busy, Active, Go-Getters

#selfcaresunday can seem pretty "un-do-able" for a lot of us who are busy and on the go all week long. But it is so important to schedule time to fill up our own cup and tune in with your body's needs! In this episode, I'm sharing my top 5 tips and simple tricks to implementing self care into your busy schedule.

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Lexie Sparrow
#8: Part 2 - Adrenal Fatigue / HPA Axis Dysregulation

This episode is Part 2 of Adrenal Fatigue / HPA Axis Dysregulation. If you haven't already, go back to episode 7 and listen to Part 1 first. In this episode, I break down the top 5 ways you can support your body during chronic stress and how you can boost your energy naturally! I talk about specific diets that cause us stress, caffeine, self-care strategies for reducing stress, exercise and stress, and of course herbs, supplements and health products you can implement into your routine to support healing!

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