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I know exactly what it feels like to be stressed, confused and frustrated with the health and nutrition world.

I spent most of my life hating my body, wishing I were thinner and searching for the perfect diet, the best workout plan, or that one supplement combination that would give me the perfect body and the perfect life.

& honestly less than 12 months ago I was still struggling with periods of extreme exhaustion, daily energy crashes, hormonal imbalance causing painful PMS & adult cystic acne, fighting weight gain & a constant battle with the stress of running a business, with NO clue what I was doing wrong anymore.

I thought that there had to be a another way to change my body & start feeling good again besides 5 workouts a week and a restrictive diet (because that wasn’t working). I needed a solution that didn’t take up any more of my precious time with trial and error and finally let me feel confident in my own skin.

I was sick of feeling “stuck”.
Like I had no will power because I couldn’t stop craving sugar.
Like I needed coffee just to function because I was tired (even after 8 hours of sleep).
Like my acne was just never going to go away because I had tried everything.
Like my own body was against me - even though I was desperately trying anything to make it happy.


After years of being in the fitness and health industry (I am also a Certified Athletic Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer), trying all the fad diets and workout plans, I knew that simply “eating healthy” wasn’t going to cut it anymore. In fact, the more I learned about nutrition, the more confused I became.

I was tired of hoping for a diet to work & using fitness as a way to make up for it. Trying to wade through the marketing BS and blog posts was exhausting & I wanted an actionable plan based on nutrition education, my specific circumstances, with measurable data so that I could get results and get back to my life.

& then it hit me:

losing weight wouldn’t magically make my life great.

what I was really searching for was confidence in my ability to create a healthy but balanced lifestyle and feel good in my own skin.

feeling exhausted all the time wasn’t normal & I had a choice to find a solution.

it was up to me to find the root problem & find a natural solution to fix it. I needed a long term game plan.

finding the perfect acne products was not going to heal my acne.

I needed the actual solution so that I didn’t have to deal with acne ever again.

I realized I needed to get to the root cause of all my other health symptoms & find a way to heal & support my body in order to find what I was truly looking for.

Freedom from a horrible relationship with food & my body.

& in order to get there - i needed REAL ANSWERS to my health symptoms.

So I become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & I found what I needed to be successful.

  • individualized protocols

  • food first recommendations (it all starts with food)

  • learning the value of the right supplementation

  • having a clear roadmap (literally designed for MY body)

No more throwing supplements, diets, fads, bars, shakes, restrictions at the wall and crossing my fingers something would stick!

Nutritional Therapy for me meant:

  • healing my painful cystic adult acne (that made me not want to leave the house)

  • decreasing my PMS symptoms like breast tenderness, painful cramps, irregular periods, irritability, crazing cravings (that I thought were “normal”)

  • dialling back the effects of a stressful lifestyle to combat low energy, poor quality of sleep, skipping meals or binge eating when I finally had time to eat, craving sugar & caffeine, yawning all afternoon, feeling irritable before meals, endless weight loss struggles (ditching these allowed me to finally feel CONFIDENT & live my life)

  • taking the pressure off being perfect with my eating or worse, having me undo all my hard work after a busy week (because it isn’t about counting calories or bad vs good foods but rather what steps will work for you)


The best part? It actually worked!

I no longer chase a number on the scale or a fad way of eating. I don’t count calories.
I have complete confidence in the way I craft a meal, in the supplements I take & my ability to trust my body. I’m not perfect but food is fun again & no longer a source of my stress.

Using real food nutrition I evolved my relationship with food & learnt to Eat Confident.

I was able to heal my body & get back to being my energized self!

& I want to help you do the same.


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