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Sick of feeling exhausted?
Having trouble breaking up with sugar & coffee on your own?
Struggling with binge eating, excessive appetite, feeling shaky or irritable before meals & constant afternoon headaches?
Hit a weight loss plateau you just can’t break through?

these are all signs from your body that it needs support to get back in balance! start feeling energized again with a meal plan, recipes, food list & guides immediately!


struggling with adult acne?
having trouble getting back into balance with your hormones?
exhausted your acne product options & still no solution?
man, acne sucks. I hear you!

learn exactly how I healed my cystic acne & how you can use my complete nutrition & skin care method to help heal your skin too (from the inside out)!


need more support & guidance?
not sure where you’re going wrong or what the next step is?
ready to learn a lot about YOUR body & go all in on your health goals?

Quit the fad diets. Stop the negative guilt cycles. Get sustainable results.

Work with me in-depth to discover exactly how to support your body, because one size does not fit all!

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Bianca Found The Root Cause of Her Hormone Imbalance, Low Energy & Sugar Cravings

AMAZING! Working with Lexie has been wonderful & has far surpassed my expectations! She is friendly, knowledgable and encouraging. :)

The best part of working with Lexie is that she looked at the big picture. By taking a holistic approach she was able to assess my symptoms, work life, stress, diet & so much more & connect it to how it was all affecting my health (& creating my symptoms). Based of her clinical findings she was able to suggest supplements & simple dietary changes that would support my individual needs. Her recommendations were easy to follow and easy to implement into my daily life which has made it easy to maintain. Since working with Lexie & implementing her recommendations, my energy has increased, my sugar cravings & snacking dropped, my stomach issues haven’t come back & my other symptoms (hormone related) have either improved or completely disappeared! 

I look forward to continuing to work with her on my health & wellness journey & would certainly recommend her Nutritional Therapy services to others!

Bianca Joubert

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