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Latest Podcast Episodes

When my friend told me to check out Lexie’s website, I pretty much had given up on trying to fix my skin. I was tired of hearing the same thing from doctors and not having the creams work for me. They told me food didn’t matter. I thought I would have crappy acne skin forever.

Working with Lexie completely changed how I looked at my skin. I finally figured out the real causes of my acne and when I actually started doing what Lexie suggested, my breakouts got less intense and my skin actually started to clear up!!

Lexie has been there to answer my questions through every step of the way and she has been kind, understanding, approachable and I know she truly cares about my results. I highly recommend working with her!
— Erin C.
Finally a lasting solution!

For most of my life i have dealt with acne, it seemed that no matter what i tried it would always come back in a matter of time. In the past i had different products recommended to me by doctors and dermatologists. I had been eating clean, following numerous “healthy meal plans” and exercising regularly…so what was the problem?

Lexie gave me the tools to uncover the root causes of my acne, and why it was happening in the first place. She educated me on toxins found in food and household products, nutrients and supplements needed to create beautiful looking skin, managing stress levels, and breaking old habits in which i had thought were “healthy.”

Throughout the whole process Lexie has always been very approachable, compassionate, and accessible since the day we met!
— Jill L.




plus: why traditional acne medications and creams actually make your skin worse, why your current acne healing routine needs work and how to use food to heal your skin for real.

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