If you’re straight up done with feeling like you’ll never get answers


find a real solution to your low energy, hormonal symptoms and acne

If you’re sick and tired of feeling hopeless and frustrated

when it comes to nutrition & finding what your body needs,

you’re in the right place.


Hi, I’m
LExie Sparrow.

I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
& a true health foodie at heart.

My absolute obsession is helping women make the connection between how they feel & what their body is trying to tell them,
so they can finally give up the battle with stress & food for good.

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I help women
struggling to…

fight sugar cravings
keep their eyes open in the afternoon
resist that 3rd or 4th cup of coffee on the daily
get rid of constant headaches
ditch adult & cystic acne for good
stop feeling guilty every time they have chocolate and wine

who are sick of hitting a weight loss plateau
& are ready to start healing their
bodies with holistic nutrition.


How Can I Help You?

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New Youtube Videos Every Week!

In this video, I'm breaking down the most common food cravings, why they happen and what to eat instead! In order to really curb your food cravings (like sugar, chocolate and deep fried foods), it's important to know why your body may be signalling you to want these foods!
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clear your skin.

Grab my FREE guide that
helped me heal my painful cystic acne using
holistic nutrition & key supplements.

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